Eurekite, experts in flexible ceramic fibers, added Geert Braaksma to their Supervisory Board. He is happy to be on board: “Eurekite is a very interesting and promising company that has developed a groundbreaking technology and products in the field of flexible ceramics. I foresee a great future and am honored to be part of them as member of the Supervisory Board.”


Braaksma studied electrical engineering and most of his career has been in international business. He has lead the European automotive sensors business of Texas Instruments and later Sensata Technologies for several years and his last position was VP and General Manager of Sensata Technologies’ heavy vehicle and offroad sensor business. He is very active in the region of Twente and has served as president of the Twente Board for economic development. Currently Braaksma is Managing Director of Dutch Ventus B.V., a startup company that is developing windmill technologies. He is also involved as advisor and investor in several startups, such as Student Power.


The Eurekite team welcomes Geert, as he is a very valuable addition to the management team of the company. Gerard Cadafalch, CEO and co-founder of Eurekite: “Geert Braaksma is the perfect complimentary addition to our Supervisory Board. His vast experience in the electronics and automotive industry provides the point of view of markets which Eurekite is targeting, therefore, the overall strategy of the company can be improved.”