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We are Eurekite, pleased to meet you. As experts in the fields of chemistry, ceramics and fibers we have a lot to offer to various industries. Clients are happy to team up with us, because our award-winning products make their products better and increase their efficiency.

We can use our knowledge for other fields as well. Therefore we partner up with others that have complementary knowledge. Our investors make it all happen by believing in us. We repay them by developing awesome new inventions, like Flexiramics®.

Why we are enthusiastic about our work every day? Because the world needs our materials. We strive to help manufacturers make better products.

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FAQ items aan het laden...
FAQ items aan het laden...

Developing custom solutions

Are you a manufacturer and ready for some product co-development? We would like to co-develop a product with you! Our engineering team is available to join forces and create the best possible product to solve your needs. Contact us if you want to discuss the possibilities.

The inventors of Flexiramics®

Our core invention up until this point is Flexiramics®, a flexible pure ceramic fiber mat. The level of flexibility, density and/or even the ceramic composition of the material can be altered, depending on our client’s needs. Flexiramics® can be used in aerospace, batteries, electronics, filtration and many more fields.

Our aim is to deliver customized Flexiramics® that will enable your new products. Combining expertise and efforts in co-development will allow us to achieve the best results.