Flexiramics® is a ceramic fiber based technology. In fact, our core competency is on ceramic technology,
making fibers and how to make the ceramic fibers flexible. The level of flexibility, density, the ceramic composition and the geometry of the material are just some of the parameters that can be customized based on our client’s needs. Flexiramics® products can be used in aerospace, batteries, electronics, filtration and many more fields.

Leveraging their expertise in flexible ceramics and Flexiramics® in particular, Eurekite’s activities currently
consist of:


Adapting Flexiramics® to a customer’s needs by engineering customer-specific materials. Customization includes changing the geometry of the fibers, such as diameter and length, and of the mat, such as thickness and packing density, level of flexibility, density and/or even altering ceramic composition of the material.


Currently Eurekite is able to supply modest amounts of Flexiramics®, which is mostly done to provide partners and customers with samples. However, development efforts are focused on scaling up the established Flexiramics® production process to enable mass production and supply of sufficient quantities of Flexiramics® half-fabricates to customers.


Further developing ceramic fiber material technologies, and using the company’s extensive knowledge of different fiber production technologies to become the worldwide leading company to develop and produce ceramic fibers.
An example of a long-term development goal is being able to produce continuous rolls of ceramic fiber mats.


We can produce at relatively large rates for a lab scale technology. We have recently had a breakthrough in spinning productivity, where we can produce at much higher rates than other traditional fibers spinning techniques such as electrospinning.

Our aim is to deliver customized Flexiramics® that will enable your new products. Combining expertise and efforts in co-development will allow us to achieve the best results.