Eurekite’s activities are all focused on its core invention: Flexiramics®. It is a flexible pure ceramic fiber mat that is light and flexible like paper, but retains the main physiochemical properties of traditional ceramics. The most important properties of ceramics are heat resistance, electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion. However, ceramics are very inflexible, which limits their application possibilities. As a flexible ceramic, Flexiramics® therefore has a unique potential for application in numerous technical fields. Flexiramics® is superior to products offered by competitors because Eurekite offers customized solutions that perform much better than alternatives due to Flexiramics® unique properties.

In recent years, the concept has been proven and subsequently a lab scale prototype of a platform technology and production process was developed successfully. By means of this process, the base version of Flexiramics® and various Flexiramics® variants (for example based on different ceramic compositions) can be consistently produced at the very high quality necessary for use in material science applications.

Leveraging their expertise in flexible ceramics and Flexiramics® in particular, Eurekite’s activities currently
consist of:


Adapting Flexiramics® to a customer’s needs by engineering customer-specific materials. Customization includes changing the geometry of the fibers, such as diameter and length, and of the mat, such as thickness and packing density, level of flexibility, density and/or even altering ceramic composition of the material.


Currently Eurekite is able to supply modest amounts of Flexiramics®, which is mostly done to provide partners and customers with samples. However, development efforts are focused on scaling up the established Flexiramics® production process to enable mass production and supply of sufficient quantities of Flexiramics® half-fabricates to customers.


Further developing ceramic fiber material technologies, and using the company’s extensive knowledge of different fiber production technologies to become the worldwide leading company to develop and produce ceramic fibers.
An example of a long-term development goal is being able to produce continuous rolls of ceramic fiber mats.


In 2013 Gerard Cadafalch, co-founder of Eurekite, worked on his PhD in the Inorganic Materials Science Group at MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Twente in Enschede. Under the supervision of Professor Andre ten Elshof he researched ceramic fibers and came up with the basis of Flexiramics®.

As with so many scientific breakthroughs, this one happened by chance. Gerard’s experiment had a different outcome than he originally planned, but he directly saw the potential. So he changed the direction of his PhD and focused on flexible ceramics, which he (with the help of others) turned into a company in May 2015: Eurekite.


The company was incorporated in May 2015 as a spin off from the university to further develop and commercialize the technology. The disruptive flexible ceramic technology attracted Cottonwood Technology Fund, a top performing early stage VC firm from the U.S. Cottonwood Technology Fund invested €1.15M in the newly founded company in September 2015, with the aim to enable the industrialization of the novel technology. The company also received a bridge loan from OostNL. Eurekite has raised over €3M in total.


Eurekite developed the first flexible ceramic composition in April 2016. This milestone shaped the following developments. The company started scaling up the technology. The first large lab samples of Flexiramics® were produced in December 2016. The company has continuously been working and improving since. Eurekite proved that different ceramic compositions can be made flexible while using the Flexiramics® proprietary process.

Our aim is to deliver customized Flexiramics® that will enable your new products. Combining expertise and efforts in co-development will allow us to achieve the best results.