Are you a service-oriented jack-of-all-trades and do you enjoy project management and project-based work, are you happy to talk to customers and suppliers and is project management not new to you? Can you switch quickly and do you enjoy varied activities? Are you also strong in oral and written communication? Then this job within a small growing organization, where excellence is strived for, standing still is not an option and in which you get a lot of freedom to shape the position may be something for you.

Okay, we may be asking a bit much, but it indicates that there is plenty to do. You do not have to be a star in everything, but within our hectic, fast-growing organization you know how to stand your ground.



  • Manage equipment investment and small scaling projects that are part of Eurekite’s overall operational development plan from a technical point of view.
  • Create functional specifications for equipment, interact with suppliers, judge quotations on how they meet this spec, oversee supplier(s) on progress to budget and schedule, ensure equipment performs as specified and is properly handed over.
  • Work with R&D engineers to constantly stay up to speed on product development needs and developments that may impact on scale up plans.
  • Many of the material developments come from our in-house R&D department so having or building an affinity to challenges faced in materials/product development are a must and provide an opportunity for self-development.


  • Eager to learn and entrepreneurial attitude that fits to our start up environment.
  • A few years of experience in working with suppliers and knowledge of project management principles are an absolute advantage.
  • Bachelor working level (either by education or practical experience) in Mechanical, Chemical or Project Engineering.
  • Able to work individually, take initiative alongside working in a small and motivated team.
  • Flexibility is a must given the start-up nature of our business, you will be able to support in other fields of the business as well as to where your strengths lie. There is always something you can do.


Eurekite is young business spun-off from MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology. Now existing 4 years we are reaching a critical point in further developing our technology for small-scale production enabling final product development for at least 2 applications. Eurekite’s core competency is in the making flexible ceramic nanofibers. Together with our engineering partners we are working hard on scaling of our production and together with our customers we are co-develop products for final application.


An opportunity to be part of bringing Eurekite to its next stage in developing the technology and the business.

  • Working in a small team where your contribution will make a direct difference.
  • Learn from professionals and train our employees with less experience in your fields of expertise.
  • A lot of freedom in shaping and the project as you feel necessary to bring it to success subject to meeting our business goals.
  • An informal working environment with a healthy degree of flexibility to balance work and life.
  • Compensation fitting to your expertise and experience complemented with business goals related potential to grow.
  • A salary indication of between € 3200 and € 3650, room to arrange your own pension.
  • 25 vacation days, with room to freely plan these days.
  • Flexible working days, we are concerned about output, not with working hours.


One of our projects is started in Enschede but will be taken into production in Limburg. We therefore expect that the work will move slowly towards the South after a period of about one or one and a half years. Relocating after that period would be great, but occasionally driving up and down to Limburg to transfer the work will be part of the deal.


Eurekite has engaged Tjellens exclusively as a recruitment partner for this position. Tjellens takes care of the pre-selection and initial interviews, in case of proven suitability you will be directly employed by Eurekite. An assessment or test case can be part of this selection procedure.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, Bob van den Berg (Senior Recruiter) (06) – 4210 7944 will be happy to help you. Acquisition based on this vacancy is expressly not appreciated.


Our aim is to deliver customized Flexiramics® that will enable your new products. Combining expertise and efforts in co-development will allow us to achieve the best results.