VACANCY: R&D Researcher/ Materials Engineer

Are you a Ph.D. graduated R&D Researcher / Materials Engineer with experience as an independent researcher? Or an R&D Researcher or Materials Engineer with a hands-on mentality in finding and applying practical solutions for a setup to meet specific customer requirements? Can you switch quickly and do you enjoy varied activities? Are you also strong in oral and written communication in English? Then this job at a small growing organization, where excellence is strived for, standing still is not an option and in which you get a lot of freedom to shape the position may be something for you.

Okay, we may be asking a lot, but it indicates that there is plenty to do. You do not have to be a star in everything, but within our hectic, fast-growing organization you know how to stand your ground.


What do you do at Eurekite?

The R&D Researcher / Materials Engineer will provide support or lead research projects in the broadest sense of the word. She/he will work closely together with other lab and team members to optimize and apply, develop and refine methods related to our platform technology, Flexiramics®. An important focal point for the R&D Researcher / Materials Engineer will be working on development of practical applications for or setups to produce our special ceramic fibers and related materials. In addition, we will also ask you to help in facilitating day to day activities of the business.

What do you bring to Eurekite from a theoretical perspective?

  • Strong material science background, with focus on:
    • application development by linking materials characteristics to application requirements;
    • developing material fabrication methods, including lab prototype setups;
  • Knowledge in polymer processing and/or sol-gel processing (inorganic/organic solution preparation);
  • Basic knowledge of various characterization techniques;
  • A critical look (not only own results, but also of others) and a logical and independent mind;
  • Can provide ideas and is able to participate in problem solving / Creative thinker that can identify a wide range of possibilities to “make a project work”.

What do you bring to Eurekite from a practical perspective?

  • Knowledgeable of the best (safe) practices in the lab / Ability to apply safe working principles in a laboratory/small production environment;
  • Ability to bridge/execute theory to practice;
  • Precise, attention to details and accuracy;
  • Work independently / Ability to independently run a customer project (i.e. plan/execute/report).

What do you bring to Eurekite from a soft skill perspective?

  • Team player (share expertise with and willing to learn from others);
  • Flexible attitude, learning fast, fitting with life in a start/scale up (i.e. sometimes run very fast vs. supporting to general business until a project starts);
  • Self-starter: look for things that can be done.

Company profile

Eurekite is a young business spun-off from MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology. Now existing for 5 years we are reaching a critical point in further developing our technology for small-scale production enabling final product development for at least 2 applications. Eurekite’s core competency is in the making flexible ceramic nanofibers. Together with our engineering partners we are working hard on scaling to first production and together with our customers we co-develop products for final applications.

What can you expect from Eurekite?

  • Learn from professionals and train our employees with less experience in your fields of expertise;
  • A lot of freedom in shaping a project as you feel necessary to bring it to success subject to meeting our business goals;
  • An informal working environment with a healthy degree of flexibility to balance work and life;
  • Compensation fitting your expertise and experience complemented with business goals related potential to grow;
  • A salary indication of between € 3200 and € 3650, room to arrange your own pension;
  • 25 vacation days, with room to freely plan these days;
  • Flexible working days, we are concerned about output not with working hours.

Interest and application procedure

Eurekite has engaged Tjellens exclusively as a recruitment partner for this position. Tjellens takes care of the pre-selection and initial interviews, in case of proven suitability you will be directly employed by Eurekite. An assessment or test case can be part of this selection procedure.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, Bob van den Berg (Senior Recruiter) (06) – 4210 7944 will be happy to help you. Acquisition in response to this vacancy is expressly appreciated if you are open to margin sharing. Feel free to give me a call in that situation.


Our aim is to deliver customized Flexiramics® that will enable your new products. Combining expertise and efforts in co-development will allow us to achieve the best results.